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How to make money with URL shortening? 

Here are some tip & tricks on how to make money online with your shortened links:
You can shorten literally ANY URL you want!

  • When there’s a popular video on YouTube that everyone is talking about, you could shorten the youtube URL and then post it on your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Google+ page, and if there are a lot of people that click on your links, you can make good money.
  • You could E-mail your links to others, and ask them to forward (or they will forward it anyway if it’s really good! )
  • You could post your links on blogs, websites and forums.
  • Put a demo of (copyright owned ) mp3, program, filmtrailer on YouTube and put the whole stuff, (the whole album, film, program, the wanted REAL thing) in your shortened link to description and it will gain automaticly visitors and clicks, just fill out the forms with the right searched keywords!

So if only 1 of 20 people clicks on your short link in the description, you still can make real good money, if your stuff is good. Just look around how many youtube videos are there viewed by millions of people!
You see my point. The possibilities of making money shortening links are unlimited!
If you become good at it, figured out the best way that fits you, you can even make big cash earnings on autopilot!
It is a fantastic way of earning fast cash on autopilot which could end up in big money for life!

So what are you waiting for?
Start making money with links now on autopilot!
Get paid in real cash just for using URL-shortening, and earn while you sleep..!

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