Saturday, 13 July 2013

Earn Money on Linkbucks

Have ever wanted to earn a decent amount of money while sitting at home.If you have then its the time to fulfill your desire.I personally have been associated with linkbucks from long time.This is one of the best programs I have used and recommended to other.Before putting the whole blueprint of the technique to earn money from linkbucks in front of you let me clarify the first question that might be coming into your mind about the intial investment that is required?The answere to this question is that its completely FREE.
Step by Step Guide To Earn Money is a program that allows you to make money online by sharing your links. Linkbucks convets your normal links to paying ones by displaying ads to visitors who click your links.

There are 3 ways of creating paying links:

  1. Single Link.
    use this to convert only one link to a paying link.
  2. Multiple Links.
    paste multiple links and have them converted to paying links.
  3. Full Page Script.
    If you have a website/blog and you want all your links converted to paying links automatically, this feature generates javascript code which you paste on your site and your links are converted to paying links behind the scenes.

There are 3 ad types to choose from:

  1. Intermission Ad.
    This ad type shows a full page ad when your link is clicked.It makes you alot of money but some visitors find it abit annoying.
  2. Locker Link Ad.
  3. Short Link Ad.

There are 2 type of target ads:

  1. Clean.
    Use this option if the page you are linking to is safe for all ages.
  2. Adult.
    Use this option if the page you are linking to contains any adult content
Payments are made on request to Paypal with a minimum of $5. You could also earn via their referal program where you get 20% of your direct referrals’ earnings, 10% for 2nd tier referral earnings and 2% for 3rd tier referral earnings.

Linkbucks Referral System

Another way to make money and monetize your blogging career is by using Linkbucks and its referral system. Each referral earns you 20% of his earnings and the some % of the earnings of his referrals.
Banners and ads with your referral code are ready for you to use on your blogs or postings once you sign up for Linkbucks.
Instead of simply linking media, why not get the chance to earn by using the affiliate program.

Earn by Generating Links



By creating links, you replace the original link you are suppose to use with a generated link that will earn by being clicked for several times by people. Its a good way to earn if ever you are always linking pages, photos, and media. The links generated comes along with the extensions,, etc. These are linkbucks partners and counts as earnings when clicked. You can track you referrals on the earnings page once you sign up.

On the earnings tab, you can check your accumulated earnings and can be withdrawn with a minimum payout of $5 which can be claimed through PayPal. How convenient.

Linkbucks Advertising Campaign

If you want to increase traffic to your website, Linkbucks Advertising Campaign will be a good use to you. Here, you want to pay Linkbucks for your Ad to be displayed all over the net with your preferred banner size and orientation. This way, traffic will come to your site up to 50% traffic increase in almost a month. The money you earn from your links could be invested here depending on your campaign length and location.

Sign up for Linkbucks here.


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